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Video Links

Links to video sharing services.

Shredder Video Channels:

Kerepla YouTube

Gboone1111 YouTube

wardystrong YouTube

Robert Longshore YouTube

Coming soon: fred, gentry, booker

Video Sources:

RipTV - Mountain Bike, Skate, Snowboard, BMX, Ski, Events

CrankWorx - Freeride Mountain Bike Series, Winterpark Colorado - Whistler British Columbia Canada

Universal Bike Racing - Freeride, Descente, Trial, VTT, Video

Massive Mag TV - Running, Bike, Freeze, Extreme, Speed, Live Events

Cycling TV - Races, Schedule, Video, News, Tech, Packages

MTB Live - Pictures, Links, Community

MTB Cut TV - The Online Mountain Bike TV Channel

Freecaster - MTB, BMX, MX, FMX, Outdoor, Wake, Snow, Skateboard, Surf, Live Webcasts

Goldstein Productions - BC Cup Kamloops, On the Line, Pro GRT, Stanley Park Freelap Race

MPORA - Action Sports Videos, Snow, Surf, Skate, BMX, MTB, Moto, Ski, Wind, Kite

Hookit - Get Connected, Get Hooked Up

Grind TV - Skate, Surf, Snow, Moto, BMX, Wake, Film, Style, Outdoor

Watch26 TV - Mountain Bike Video Portal

MTB Freeride - Freeride Video Portal

Beer of the Month


Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA, is beer of the month for February 2015.


Oak Aged Southern Tier Un-Earthly, is beer of the month for January 2015.


Svyturys Ekstra and Utenos Porter are the Beer of the month for January 2014.

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