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Ride the mall with Specialized Downmall 2010.

40 best Czech, Slovakian and German downhill and fourcross riders meet after yearlong pause in Liberec to compete for primacy in unconventional competition called Specialized Downmall. Downmall is downhill race in shopping center. Ten fasters riders got on final run after two rounds of qualification. Final run won favorite and defender primacy from last year Michal Prokop.

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  1. Michal Prokop
  2. Přemek Tejchman
  3. Tomáš Slavík
  4. Filip Polc (SVK)
  5. Milan Myšík
  6. Michal Červenka
  7. Johannes Fischbach (GER)
  8. Martin Mikulenka
  9. Jakub Říha
  10. Štěpán Novotný

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