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Diablo Freeride Park Closed

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Very sad news of Diablo Freeride Park closing after 9+ years of service for the East Coast.  Full story past the break.

Greetings Diablo Fans!


On this day we have some unfortunate news to share with you. As most of you know, Mountain Creek Resort was recently purchased by a local golf course developer and during this ownership change the bike park has gone through a tough transition suffering from executive pitfalls.  Recently,  the new owners of the resort offered Diablo Freeride Park a 5-year lease extension and unfortunately the terms of this agreement are not favorable for the future growth of the park and are clearly not representative of a resort that has a genuine interest in the sport of mountain biking. 

As a result, we have declined to accept this offer to extend our existing agreement and Diablo Freeride Park is now officially closed for business. During the past 12 months, the resort has repeatedly and negligently  breached existing agreements, caused unnecessary damage to the bike park and has adversely influenced the ability of the park to progress, expand or simply operate and provide a high level of service that you have come to expect.  As a result, we can no longer invest time, passion and valuable resources at  a resort that does not share our passion for the sport or respect for the community of riders that have called Diablo 'home' the past nine years.


The backstory...
While the owners of the resort were aggressive and motivated to sign an agreement that would continue the current  Diablo / resort relationship, this arrangement would greatly inhibit our ability to offer our guests the high standard of  quality you have come to expect over the past nine years.  We devised an extensive, 5-year plan and investment commitment that would bring a plethora of new improvements to the park including several new downhill trails, tons of new terrain  features and an all-new, innovative 20mile XC/FR trail network/center on the mountain top. We were motivated and committed to these projects, however, the risk of  investing these significant resources without a proper & fair agreement  is simply not a wise venture.  Once bitten, twice shy.

Broken Promises...
In addition to various other operational issues caused by the new resort management,  the 2011 season saw an immense amount of unnessecary park closures, trail damage, operating shedule 'broken promises' and various trail interuptions. This past September & October the bike park was completely closed for six weeks as a result of the resorts inability to properly maintain their ski trails and control erosion. After repeated requests, the resort refused to dedicate the proper resources to get the premise repaired and the park back open for business.  Instead of honoring a contractual agreement to make speedy repairs,  the resort focused on completing less important projects while mountain bikers were left stranded, frustrated and unable to ride their favorite park. This was simply unnacceptable. As a customer, you deserved better.

Furthermore, this past fall  the resort management forged ahead  and caused the demise and destruction of nearly $100,000 of developed mountain bike trails. Offering no advanced warning, explanation or plan to remediate or reimburse for the loss of these popular bike trails, the end result is an extensive amount of terrain and features that are damaged, destroyed and / or needing significant repair.  These actions are  not representative of a resort that has ambitions of growing the sport or a management team demonstrating respect for the mountain biking  customer.

In closing, we made every effort to reach a mutually benefitting agreement with the current resort ownership, however negotiations have ceased and we have rejected their proposed 5-year lease extension.
A huge thanks goes out to all of our  friends and loyal fans throughout the years! Hosting tens of thousands of riders from points across the globe, it has been a great adventure filled with many accolades and good times.

We appreciate the overwhelming support!

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Last Updated on Sunday, 08 April 2012 21:19  

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